Who We Be

To borrow a song title from the great Earl Simmons (better known as DMX - Rest in Power), here's a little bit about Who We Be and an introduction to our family owned and operated Black business so you know who you're really giving your money and economic power to should you choose to. 

Pushing Black is a Black owned and operated apparel printing business residing in Southern California. We first and foremost love our people (Africans in America and across the globe) and desire to see all of us uplifted and empowered. Since as a people we together were brought low, as a people together we shall rise.

We created Pushing Black as a fresh expression of especially African American culture to play our part highlighting Black Leaders, Black Thinkers, Black Revolutionaries, Black Abolitionists, and Black Movement Starters. From here on If we say Black, please know we're referring to Africans both in America, in Africa, and abroad.

We love the creative trends and vibrant expressions that have been flowing through us as a people and we love to be a part of it with you! For an example of this, check out our Black Girl Magic apparel to see stunning designs that show off our beautiful Black women or our Black Superheroine and Superhero apparel that shows off the incredible powers that we hold. We exist to uplift our people by 'any means necessary'.

One means we use is by selling our apparel  and using that money to create social media content. We're constantly highlighting stories and issues that pertain to us (Black people) with relevant news and empowering stories (stories which often have little financial gain for us). As a part of our family if you see a story or issue you'd like us to post about, just DM us or email us at info@pushingblack.com. We'll do what we can to get the word out.

Purchases from our store pushingblack.com and on Etsy goes to pay our creative peeps, our writers, our customer service reps, and to make everything we do and provide possible. With the vastness of Black people's contributions to the planet, We can cover more only with the resources to do so.

So thanks for Pushing Black with us. Black Power! Black Freedom! Black Love!